How It Works

Step 1: Pick your pottery

Clay Play interior--newMugs, plates, decorative pieces, functional items, figurines, holiday pottery, and much more, with selections for both kids and adults.




Step 2: Choose your design and paint colors

Glaze barOnce you’ve selected your bisque, think about your design and choose your colors. Even if you’ve never painted before, you can create a beautiful piece—find inspiration from our idea files, or use our stencils and stamps to make your design. We stock about 75 different glaze colors, with samples of all the colors to show you exactly what the color will look like on your finished piece.

Step 3: Paint your piece

paintbrushesDraw, stencil, or stamp your design onto your pottery. We can even print an image from the computer and show you how to trace it onto the pottery. Then paint! Make a mistake? No problem—just scrape it off and try again. Most important, relax and have fun! We’ll even clean up for you when you’re finished!

Step 4: We glaze and fire your pottery

Once your piece is painted, we apply a clear overglaze and then fire the piece. It’s ready for you about a week later. We’ll call you as soon as your piece is ready for pick up. That’s it! The next step is for you to come in and give it a try. We’ll provide all the help you need to be successful.



You will find our pricing to be quite reasonable. You pay the cost of your pottery pieces, plus a nominal studio fee per session to cover the glazing and firing. And even if you paint multiple items, you still pay only one studio fee per painter. Most items are in the range of $15–$20, with smaller items available for $8–$10 and larger items $25 and up.

Studio Fees:

  • Adults: $8.00
  • Children/Teens/College Students: $6.00

Friday evenings from 6-9 pm, studio fees are 2 for the price of 1!